Product review of the week: Volume Million Lashes Mascara from L'Oreal Paris

1 November 2013

I'm sure I will relate to many of you when I say that I have incredibly short eyelashes and hate them! Even when using my previous mascara (I believe it was from Maybelline) I felt that it didn't help as it just made them clump together and didn't lengthen them at all! This all changed when I found this fab mascara: Volume Million Lashes by L'Oreal Paris in the colour extra black.

This great mascara dramatically lengthens my eyelashes and it does live up to it's name: I do look like I have a million lashes! Well...maybe not a million but it definitely does add a lot of volume without making the eyelashes look clumpy. A pet hate of mine is when mascara leaves disgusting gloopy stuff in the corner of your eye after you have worn it for a while but you never have this problem with this product! It's great! 

Now I know this is a review and a review usually covers all the good and bad points about a product but I'm really struggling to find any negatives! The consistency is fab and is extremely easy to apply with the wand and the actual applicator being great quality, sturdy and a good size to allow you to cover every single lash with mascara from root to tip whilst also fanning them out. More over the packaging itself; looks good on the eye and when you first look at it you believe that it is a good quality product and not £10.99!

I seriously recommend this mascara to you, especially in extra black as I feel that this gives a more noticeable and dramatic effect which really adds length and volume to your lashes. Best I've used so far!

What's your favourite mascara you have ever tried?

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