Girly Pamper Evening

13 November 2013

It's getting colder and darker, and i don't know if it's just me, but this time of year always makes me feel tired and deflated, so what better pick up than a girly pamper evening?
1) Run a bath. A lovely hot bath with lots of bubbles is great. A good product to leave your bath bubbly and hydrating is lush Magic wand. This is a re-usable bubble bar, looks super cute and smells great too. (purchase it here)
2) Music. I find piano music really relaxing and in a couple of moments found this Playlist of relaxing piano songs

3) Candles. Candles really add an atmosphere and are really effective if you want to relax in comfort in your bath. I like to lie in the dark with just the light of the candles.
4. Face Mask. You shouldn't use face mask's daily, but is a good weekend treat, so while your having a bath you can place it on your face and relax and peel it off to beautifully smooth skin.

5. Manicures. These are especially great if you've got your friend over because you can give each other manicures 

Well that's my top 5, hope it gives you a few ideas on how to relax when your feeling the winter-blues. What's your favourite things to do on a girly pamper evening? let me know down below 


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