Christmas Shopping and Reindeer Spotting!

30 November 2013

Today I was Christmas shopping and I found some really good buys for my friends (and me :3) and an extra added bonus was we got to see some reindeers!

1) Lush
I headed into lush to get a couple of bath melts and bubble bars, and stumbled upon a few Christmas styled bath melts and bars! This first one is 'the Christmas Penguin' This little guy is a bubble bar, and I bought him for £2.95, you can buy him online |here|
I also got the 'melting snowman' who is bath melt, and cost me £2.25. Both of these products are really relaxing for when your in the bath and especially the bath melts are really good for your skin. 
For more visit

2) Topshop
There was loaaddss to chose from in Topshop because since my last visit in summer, the autumn/winter range was in. My first buy was 3 pairs of frilly socks. These were on offer for 3 pairs for £8. Sadly these aren't being sold online anymore so I'd get them from your nearest store asap. 

I also bought a tartan check shirt for £30. I personally wouldn't wear this buttoned up but would layer it with a tee underneath. I also found a vintage tee in store for £20 but i couldn't find this online. If you want to buy the Tartan Check Shirt you can buy it here

Photo 1 of Tartan Check Shirt
3) Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston isn't a store i would usually go in, but the sign advertising 15% off all items lured me in. I purchased a small purse for £2.60, which is really useful for your school blazer or jacket, because it's a small, handy size for holding your change. Also i purchased a new red-polka-dot pencil case at £10. I wouldn't usually pay this much for a pencil case but its a good material and size and looks as if it will last a while. If your interested in buying anything this weekend only there is 15% off so hurry! (visit the store here)

I did visit many other shops, but I'll save the rest for my 2nd post to the 'Christmas shopping...'series

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? What are you loving?

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