Quick and easy hairstyles

28 October 2013

I know what its like when your in a rush in the morning and then you think, what am i going to do with my hair!? I've listed a couple of quick and effective hairstyles for when your in a bit of a rush!

1. Fishtail Plait
Even though its all buns and twists this season you can still get away with a fishtail plait which is timeless. Here's the quick and easy way
2. Messy bun
I personally think the messy bun looks much nicer than your tight ballerina bun, but thats just me! 

3. High pony
It's really important when doing a high pony you get lots of volume so its doesn't look limp and droopy. Now is a good time to get out your texturising sprays! I linked this one to a step by step website which you can access here 

What are your favourite quick hairstyles, let me know in the comments below


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