Nail Art.

23 October 2013

Hey guys. Since it's the holidays and we have a no-nail-polish rule at school, I've been trying out some nail art. I really love nail art and its a great way to show off your personality and its easy!Since its nearing Halloween, i decided to try do some Halloween style nail art! First i did a little research and found these cool designs:

I decided to try out my own and made my own ghost style nails:
It was really simple and i only needed a black nail polish and white nail art pen. First using the No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish  in Just Black 37. You can get this here! I applied two coats of this polish, and then used the Barry M white nail art pen to create the shape of my ghouls. Then i used a black nail art pen to draw on their faces!

I really enjoy nail art, and think they are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Which is your favourite design? Try some out yourself and post them below! 


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