Halloween - carving pumpkins

29 October 2013

It's only 2 days until Halloween, and i could wait no longer, so i decided to carve my pumpkin! Carving pumpkins has been a kind of tradition in my family and is one of my favourites. If you've never carved pumpkins before you should try it out!

I made my pumpkin using a sharp kitchen knife and a vegetable peeler! I used the peeler to take of the top layer of pumpkin when i was making the teeth and eyes. Here is my finished product.. :)
Photo: A monster is born..Photo: <3 he needs a name

I took my inspiration the pumpkin thatcherjoe made last year in his Halloween video last year with Zoe (you can view it here)
I also found a couple of cool ones on Google too:

Ok guys, this pumpkin needs a name, so please comment below!


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